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Where did I put that?

My Tools Before & After

Sometimes getting super organized is just this simple.

Sometimes I get so busy and overwhelmed just with the day to day that my clutter becomes an obstacle to getting the job done. Organizing my things is not a favorite activity for me. It dawned on me [silent scream goes here], now that I’m opening my jewelry making work space up to the world I thought what not a better time to get organized and share that with you all.


At the top of my list – the tools I use the most, on a daily basis.


They were always sitting behind me on another table, in a pile, in the wrong place. Mangled up in redundant clutter and other homeless bits and pieces. Now that I was starting to see this problem as it may appear to you all I thought…oh man what can do with NO TIME & NO PESOS. Luck would have it, I was looking for a fixture for my camera tripod out in the trailer (this is the trailer I used to move myself here to Mexico but now use as storage unit) and looked down in one of my boxes. It was a vintage handmade Mexican tin watering can that I bought from a street peddler. I always thought I would snipe it up and utilize in a jewelry project one day (i’m sure you know how that goes :>). As soon as I saw it I thought…Oh I just love the shape, color and feel of that piece and then my brain went AH-HAA 360 degrees of real estate for [drum roll goes here] hanging my most common pliers and clippers. The spout has a filter piece inside so I could place my jewelers scale and files in that partition. The inner circle of the can was the perfect size for my mandrels and hammers AND also those are the perfect weight to keep everything anchored on the table.


Placed in reach of my left hand, as I may be working on a piece with my right hand – WHA LA! No more clutter, no more obstacles, I feel so efficient now and finally that old beautiful watering can does not live in the future but is on display right here where I can enjoy it everyday.


Have any fun solutions that have solved your tool clutter? Do tell all!

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